What is Africentricity?

Africentricity is a broad concept with a variety of definitions. However, a common theme is the promotion of an alternate understanding of our world. Some of the key principles of Africentricity include:

  • The validation of African experiences and history - Africentricity seeks to review the continued exclusion and marginalization of African knowledge systems from educational textbooks, and mainstream academic knowledge.
  • Africentricity is about inclusion; especially in a world where African peoples’ identities are destroyed by making their experiences seem marginal.
  • A prime belief of Africentric thought is to “move” or “bring” all peoples of African descent from the margins to the center of world history.
  • Africentricity embodies a struggle for the total liberation of the African mind from the effects of enslavement, colonialism and racism.
  • An important theoretical aspect of Africentricity consists of analysis and interpretation from the perspective of African people as subjects rather than objects on the fringes of European experiences.


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