People Helping African Nova Scotian Learners

Provincial Government-Level Initiatives

  • CACE (Council on African Canadian Education)
  • ACSD (African Canadian Services Division)
  • Representatives on:
    • Nova Scotia Museum Board
    • Nova Scotia Community College
    • Council on Higher Education
    • Apprenticeship Training Board
    • Nova Scotia Arts Council

School Board-Level Initiatives

  • Race Relations Cross Cultural Understanding / Human Rights Staff / Coordinators / Consultants
  • Student Support Workers
  • Monitoring Committees:
    • (Monitoring Committee – Halifax Regional School Board only)
    • (Permanent Liaison Committee – South West Nova School Board only)

Community-Level Initiatives

  • Black Educators Association (BEA)
  • Regional Educators Program (BEA)
  • Other Community – based organizations with a mandate related to the education of African learners, such as:
    • Church groups